For Filipinos

For Filipinos – Para sa mga Pilipino

  • The Consulate of the Philippines in Finland reopened on 16 July 2020. However, Philippine tourist visas are not yet processed except in exceptional cases, wait for a separate notification. Note: the new address is in Espoo.
  • The Philippine Embassy was opened in Stockholm on 15 May 2020. The Embassy takes care of renewal of Philippine passports. There are also Consular Outreaches for the Filipinos living in Finland. (Next outreach will be in March 2021.)
  • Finland will reopen an embassy in Manila on 1 November 2020. For the time being, however, the embassy does not yet handle Finnish visas or residence permits. Later, Schengen visas and residence permits to Finland will be obtained through the Finnish Embassy, ​​which in turn uses an office called VFS Global. Wait for the notification to start. Follow the information provided by the Embassy and Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  • The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs still recommends that you do not travel abroad. The Philippines is not a safe country right now. Tourist trips to the Philippines are not allowed. Only OFWs, Filipinos and their Finnish family members, etc., who have really compelling reasons to come to the country can travel to the Philippines.
  • Filipinos will soon be allowed to go abroad again. More information later.
  • Most flights and former routes between the Philippines and Finland do not work.

Announcement 29.11.2020


Announcement: Planned Outreach Services in Helsinki Finland  2021

The Philippine Honorary Consulate General would like to conduct estimation on the number of the applicants whose passports will be expiring up to 31st DEC. 2021. The purpose of this exercise is to determine the timeframe for Passport Services to be conducted in Helsinki, Finland in the near future 2021. If there will be a higher volume of applicants, the tentative date for the Passport services can be established.

In this regard, those who are concern are kindly requested to send the following information to:

Consul Maria Kauppinen email

and Gene Paavola email 

a) Applicant’s Complete Name and Address

b) Minor or Adult applicant

c) Expiry date of the Passport

d) Telephone number

Please indicate as subject of your email,  for example PASSPORT RENEWAL

Other applicants who would be requiring passport services as well can also send an email, indicating the same information as mentioned above and explaining in brief the purpose for this service, (i.e. new passport, lost passport, change of name, etc).

Keep safe everyone

Thank you,

Maria Kauppinen

Honorary Consul in Finland


All Filipino Citizens (i.e., natural born, naturalized, dual) can enter the Philippines even during this pandemic.

ALL FOREIGN PASSPORT HOLDERS (i.e., US, EU, ASEAN, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) are temporarily not allowed to travel to or enter the Philippines during the pandemic.

Exceptions are on a case to case basis.

This temporary ban will be lifted at an appropriate time when determined to be safe.

For ALL FILIPINOS to be able to travel back to the Philippines, they must have the following documents with them:

1. A valid Philippine passport; or
2. A valid (one-way) Travel Document (issued in emergency cases only i.e., lost PH passport)
A Filipino who reacquired or retained his/her Philippine citizenship via RA 9225, Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003 (as dual), is a FILIPINO. Therefore, as a Filipino, he can travel back to the Philippines. To be able to travel, he must have the above-mentioned documents (Valid PH passport or valid Travel Document). If he/she does not have either of this, he/she may present the following documents in lieu of a PH passport:
1. Original copy of Identification Certificate (IC);
2. Original copy of the Order of Approval;
3. Original copy of the Oath of Allegiance

Dual citizens who lack these documents may request for a Certified True Copy of these documents from the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where they secured their Oath.

Follow the information of Philippine Embassy in Stockholm:


Passengers arriving in the Philippines:
– are subject to a Coronavirus (COVID-19) test at their own expense; and
– are subject to quarantine; and
– must present a completed Case Investigation Form.

Passengers traveling to Davao (DVO) must have a medical certificate with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result issued at most 72 hours before departure.